Salon Hairstyling

Agent Hue was established in 2016 with the aim to make their clients “Feel Their Best”.
We know that when you’re looking good and love your hairstyle you’ll feel good too. Our aim is to give you a boost in your self confidence and put a smile on your face.

Salon Hairstyling

At Agent Hue we are serious about the experience we offer to clients. Here are some of the professional hairstyling services we provide:


A professional blow-out will smooth your hair while adding volume and and shine. This look is classy enough for a night out on the town, yet simple enough for a casual day spent meeting friends or catching up on some work. It looks effortlessly polished, for maximum client satisfaction.

Blow-Out With Waves Or Curls

Let our hair experts give you a blow-out with added waves or curls. You’ll get the smooth silkiness of a normal blow-out with eye catching added elements.


Professionally styled up-do’s make a formal event or a night out extra special. Our stylists will make your hair look its best.

Balayage Croydon

Half Hair Up-Do

Half hair up-do’s are a versatile style that adds interest to any look. Our hair experts can pull off a variety of effects which you will love.

Permanent Waves
Tired of being on the straight and narrow? Add some excitement to your life with permanent waves. Bouncy, tight curls or subtle beachy waves-any look is achievable with Agent Hue stylists on your side.

Discover A Professional Style

 Most people get professional styling for a special event. But there are a lot of reasons to use salon hairstyling services. Even just a few visits with a stylist can be life changing, and here’s why:

             You’ll Learn a Lot: Our stylists know hair products inside out, and always manage to come up with personalised suggestions that fit your lifestyle.

             Styling Time is Relaxing: Is there anything more relaxing than having someone play with your hair? Hair styling is a great “moment of zen”.

             It’s Guaranteed: A professional stylist knows how to make hair cooperate, so you can enjoy the perfect, flawless hairstyle of your dreams. 

             Results Last Longer: Any professional style has long-lasting benefits to your hair.