Hair Colour

Agent Hue was established in 2016 with the aim to make their clients “Feel Their Best”.
We know that when you’re looking good and love your hairstyle you’ll feel good too. Our aim is to give you a boost in your self confidence and put a smile on your face.

Get Expert Help in Choosing Your Perfect Hair Colour

Changing the overall tone of your hair colour can be a difficult decision. Would you look better as a warm brunette or cool, ashy blonde? Would burgundy lowlights look good with your current colour? Should you go platinum blonde? At Agent Hue, our team of colour experts can help you figure out what colours will look best for you and will suit your lifestyle.

Colour Consultations from Agent Hue

At Agent Hue we offer all our clients colour consultations. If you’re looking for expert advice to help you decide on a colour change, let our experienced team of stylists guide you on the path to colour discovery.

Maybe you’re looking for a small colour update or a completely fresh new look. Our team of colour experts can walk you through every step of the colour changing process. We’ll help you to flawlessly achieve the perfect colour for your transformation.

Balayage Croydon

Undertones, Overtones…Expert Colour!

Maybe you’re doing subtle highlights, covering greys or trying a bold ombre transformation. We’ll help you choose from a wide range of hair shades and tones.

Some tones are very difficult to achieve on your own with a home hair colour treatment. If you don’t know what you’re doing, DIY dyeing can damage your hair or leave you with a colour that doesn’t work with your complexion. That’s why our knowledgeable team of stylists can take the guesswork away. We’ll get your hair colour where you want it to be.

Personalised Colour Care

Our stylists’ job isn’t over when your perfect colour is achieved. Instead, we walk you through all of the hair care tips to keep your colour looking vibrant for as long as possible. This includes sharing tips and tricks to make different dyes last. We’ll also give you a walk-through of all the products we have to offer to fit any hair type and budget.

No Matter What Your Colour, Be Green

At Agent Hue our beauty practices are compatible with all of Victoria’s environmental standards. If you have questions about all-natural, gluten-free, ammonia-free or vegan hair care brands, our stylists will be happy to steer you in the right direction! Or book today.