Hair Colour Croydon

Hair Colour Croydon

From semi-permanent to permanent, there are many ways to colour your hair. For the very best experience and a result you will love to show off, it’s best to leave hair colouring to the professionals. Here at Agent Hue, we know all about hair colour and we have experienced colourists available to help you achieve your desired result. We are the Hair colour Croydon specialists.

We are located near Croydon in Melbourne, so if you find yourself in Croydon or the surrounding area, get in touch with us to discuss the best hair colour for you. Call us on 03 9786 6782 to make an appointment. 


Different Types of Hair Colour 

For all-over hair colour, you can opt for a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent hair colour. Choose one colour to have the same tone all over your head or you can choose two or more colours. In this case, you will need a base colour, and then you can add highlights or lowlights. You will need advice from a professional colourist, and you might need more than one salon appointment to build up the shades and tones you want.

Highlights and lowlights are a great alternative to an all over colour. The result is more natural, regrowth is subtle, and it’s a great way to disguise grey hair and achieve some sensational effects. Hair can be highlighted with foils or a highlighting cap, or your colourist can hand paint your highlights using a technique called balayage. 

Other methods include babylights (subtle highlights around your hairline and parting), highlights around your ponytail which are great if you wear your hair up a lot of the time, and dip dye where a section of hair is coloured for a more dramatic effect. With an ombre hair colour, your hair is left darker at the roots and is lightened on the tips.

To find out more about the hair colouring techniques we offer at Agent Hue get in touch with us today.