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The Agent Hue Guide to Balayage

Balayage has been around since the 1970s. This beloved French technique is more popular now than ever before. It’s one of the most requested services in our Melbourne salon. Here is a bit of professional wisdom about the trending hair technique, balayage.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage, when translated from French, means “to sweep” or “to paint”. This is a freehand colouring technique to achieve a very blended, natural-looking finish. It avoids harsh placement of bleach, which can result in a “stripey” look. When applied by our expert stylists, it also hides the lines of regrowth. This means you can wait longer between visits.

Balayage Croydon

How Is Balayage Applied to Hair?

During a balayage session, a stylist will paint onto the surface of your hair strands. The bleach or colour is not fully saturated into the hair section until the tips of the strands. This creates an ultra-smooth, blended area of colour. Stylists refer to it as a freehand technique because foils are not used to separate the highlighted areas.


Balayage—For a Natural Look

Balayage is very different from traditional highlights. The final results are less uniform and more integrated than typical highlights. If you have ever felt concerned about highlights or colour that looked “stripey”, balayage is a dream come true! Avoid that super-harsh contrast between colours. Balayage is perfect for those who are going lighter in colour, book now your session today.